Billing Setup


Choosing a Clearinghouse
In order to use Full HIPAA transactions with Office Practicum, you must be enrolled with one of the following integrated clearinghouses.
Non-Integrated Clearinghouse
Office Practicum offers the flexibility to use any clearinghouse of your choice that best suits your practice’s needs.
Customizing the OP Superbill
The following is an example of how to customize the OP Superbill to include the fields required by your practice.
The $ED Record
The $ED Record is a necessary component in e-billing. The $ED record is required for electronic 837 claims files to successfully pass to your clearinghouse.
Tax ID Setup
Version 14.19 Overview As business structures, credentialing processes, and payer mixes vary among pediatric offices, so do needs for which Tax ID number should be sent on claims.  The following article outlines set-up steps to ensure that ...
Group NPI Setup
Version 14.19 Group NPI Setup OP handles Practice (or Corporate or Group) NPI logic in a similar way to Tax ID. The software looks to multiple fields to get the information needed on claims. These situations only occur when the Insurance Payer&#...