Borrowing Vaccines

Version 14.10


In Office Practicum, the borrow/payback within the vaccine inventory is used as an accounting tool to be able to switch the vaccine to the opposite stock (VFC or Private) so you and your staff can document your patient's chart accordingly. Once the borrow is done, the newly created lot is left in the inventory until your new stock arrives so you can pay it back. 

Borrow a Vaccine when Charting

When your inventory does not have the stock available for your patient's VFC status but you do have vaccines of the opposite stock, Office Practicum will prompt you and ask if you would like to borrow..
  1. Administer the patient's vaccine through the physician's task/patient chart. (Click  for more information on administering immunizations).
  2. When you have reached the point of double clicking on the vaccine you wish to document, if the correct stock isn't available you will get the pop-up shown below: 

  1. Click OK then another pop up will appear. 
  2. Highlight the lot you wish to borrow from. 
  3. Next to "number of doses in new lot" click on your  if you wish to have additional doses available for any other patients that may come in before your new shipment arrives. 

  1. Click   and continue to administer your vaccine as you normally do. 

Borrow a Vaccine from Inventory

If you noticed ahead of time that you are out of the certain stock, you can borrow preemptively and create a new lot with additional doses available for any other patient coming in for that vaccine while you wait for your new vaccine shipment to arrive.
  1. Open your vaccine inventory (Utilities>Vaccine Inventory).
  2. Locate the lot you wish to borrow from and click on it once to highlight it.
  3. Click the  and the pop up to create a new vaccine lot will appear. 

  1. Next to "number of doses in new lot" click on your  to add any many additional doses as you may need. 
  2. Click   and you will notice a new lot created in your inventory that can be used to document while you are waiting for your new shipment to arrive.