Bulk Printing of Statements from the Tracking Tab in the Schedule and Practice Workflow Window

Version 14.8

Office Practicum has enhanced the software by adding the Print Statements button to the Tracking window. 

Clicking this button allows the end user to initiate a bulk printing of statements from the Tracking tab. When bulk-printing statements from the Tracking tab, OP 14 automatically adds all patients on the Schedule to the batch list for Statements and organizes the printout of statements by Appointment Time.  

With this enhancement, OP 14 prints Family statements for any patient on the Schedule whose guarantor has a patient balance for anyone in the financial family. Also, the filters for Account/Claim options do not apply to the selection of which statements to print. This includes accounts with a status of:

  • On Hold
  • Uncollectable Claims
  • Older Than
  • All Sent

Note: If the end user creates a bulk printout prior to the current day’s visit, OP 14 will include the current charges for the day in the statements. Because this printout is used primarily to collect previous.

When preparing for your day's appointments and you wish to have printed statements readily available to your patient's when the come in for their appointment do the following steps:

  1. Click on Schedule.
  2. Click on Tracking.
  3. Select the day you wish to view.
  4. Click on Statements button.
  5. Statements will generate as either a print preview mode first to your computer screen or print directly to your printer depending on what settings you have for your workstation.
  6. Close the window when complete.
  7. This will take you back to your Tracking screen for you to resume your day's work.