Calendar Setup


Appointment Types
The information on the page will instruct you on how to create Visit Types used to schedule appointments.
Template Zones
Template Zones are the building blocks to creating Schedule Templates. Template Zones are used to block off times on the provider's schedule designated for specific appointments.
Schedule Tabs
Learn how to create additional tabs at the bottom of the Schedule and Practice workflow window by following these steps.
Create a New Template
Follow these quick and easy steps to create a schedule template that can be applied to a week, month, or year.
Apply Multiple Templates & Multiple Locations
The instructions below will show you how to layer multiple schedule templates on a provider's schedule.
Copy Schedule Templates Between Providers
Do you have providers whose schedule templates are similar or exactly the same? Instead of doing double work, follow the steps below to copy a template from one provider to another.
Create a Schedule Using Slots
Schedule Templates and Slots provide a framework for appointment scheduling by designating the times for seeing patients and what types of appointments are preferred throughout the day.
Zone Purpose
Version 14.19 Utilities > Manage Practice > Appointment Preferences Overview The Zone Purpose tab in the Appointment Types and Zones window gives users the ability to define the purpose of their Appointment Zones. Entries in this list w...