Cancel an Electronic Prescription

Version 20.13


Cancel Request is used to notify the pharmacy that a previously sent prescription should be canceled and not filled. The Cancel Response is sent from the pharmacy in response to the cancel request.

User Permission: You need to be assigned the permission, Prescriptions_ERx_Cancel, to use the Cancel prescription feature and view the Cancelled tab in the eRx Center.

Cancel an Electronic Prescription

  1. Navigate to the Patient Chart and search for a patient: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart button.
  2. Click Medications.
  3. Click the checkbox on the medication line you will cancel.
  4. Click the e-Cancel button. The eRx Summary window is displayed.
  5. Click the Send e-Cancel button. The Transaction Status and Status fields are updated to PENDING CANCEL.

Pharmacy responses can be viewed:

  • From the Medications section of the Patient Chart

  • From the Cancelled/Denied Cancel tab of the ePrescribing Center