Cancel an Electronic Prescription

Version 20.0


This section will introduce the users on steps to cancel an electronic prescription. The user will be guided through the workflow to initiate the cancel and track the transaction status. The cancel request is used to notify the pharmacy that a previously sent prescription should be canceled and not filled. The cancel response is sent from the pharmacy in response to the cancel request.

User Permission: You need to be assigned the Prescriptions_ERx_Cancel to use the Cancel prescription feature and view the Cancelled tab in the eRx Center the provider must have the following permission.

Cancelling an Electronic Prescription

  1. Navigate to the patient chart and search for a patient: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart button.
  2. Click Medications.
  3. Click the checkbox on the medication line you will cancel.
  4. Click the Cancel button.
  5. Click the OK button on the confirmation window.

  1. The Transaction Status is updated to PENDING CANCEL and a status entry is associated with the medication.

  1. Review Pharmacy responses:
  • Click Medications from a patient chart.

  • Select the Cancelled tab of the ePrescribing Center.

Note: A pharmacy may send over a note explaining why a cancel request was denied. The pharmacy note is found in the Pharmacy Notes column of the Medications.