Care Plan Item: Recall Schedule

Version 14.10
Utilities > Manage Clinical Features > Care Plans


The Care Plan Items tab allows you to indicate whether the items added into the system are an action, trigger, or both for the Care Plans being created. You are also able to set the default interval in which the items are recalled for a patient as well as a recall schedule if the particular item would be recalled over an extended period of time.

Setting a Recall Schedule

  1. Open the Manage Care Plans window.
  2. Click on the Care Plan Items tab, which will then display all items that can be associated with a Care Plan.

  1. Click to highlight the item you would like to set a recall schedule for.

  1. The default interval is what the Care Plan Item defaults to when added to a Care Plan, type to change the default interval if it differs for your practice. If no additional recall schedule is set, the item will recall as per the default internal for all enrolled patients.
  2. At the bottom of the screen for each highlighted item, a recall schedule can be set by clicking in the area to add a new rule for recall.

  1. Type in the age in months for when you would like the recall to begin.
  2. Type in the interval in months to have the item recalled. 
  3. Use the dropdown to pick a recurrence rule: 
Note: You only need to choose an associated item if you wish to utilize the same recall schedule, otherwise that field can be left blank.

Recurrence Rule
How it works with the Care Plan
Display only, no recall needed
Displays the Care Plan Item but does not recall it.
Recall Per interval as of begin-at age
Recall set according to the interval listed beginning at the age in months indicated.
Once after begin at age
Recall the care plan item one time after the age in months indicated.
Suppress display after begin-at age
After the age indicated, no longer display the care plan item.
Same schedule as associated item
Replicate the schedule of another associated Care Plan Item.
  1. Repeat as necessary using the Insert Record button
  2. Use the Post Edit button   to save changes.

An example of a completed recall schedule: