Care Plans


Care Plan Enrollment
Once you have made your Care Plans active, if they are not set to Auto-enroll your patients, you will receive a pop up to enroll them once they have met the Triggers associated with their Care Plan.
Definition, Triggers, and Actions
Upon opening the Care Plans, each plan has a corresponding definition, triggers, and actions if all triggers are met. In this section, you will find out the purpose of each of these areas.
Purpose and Patient Goal Statement
In this section, you will learn how to update the Purpose of the existing Care Plans as well as the Patient Goal Statement.
Activate, Enroll, and Privacy
In this section, you will learn how to activate existing care plans, choose whether or not to auto-enroll patients, and set the privacy level for care plan visibility within Office Practicum.
Bibliographic Citation
As part of the definition of your Care Plan, there is a place for a citation.
Adding and Editing Triggers
Triggers within establish care plans can be added, edited or deleted to meet your practice's needs.
Adding and Editing Actions
Actions are added or suppressed from your patient's Care Plan once all Triggers are met. All reminders will appear on that chart when a patient is enrolled in a plan.
Creating Care Plans
Care Plans can be created within Office Practicum to meet the needs of your practice. In this section, you will find the steps to create a new Care Plan.
Care Plan Item: Add, Edit, Delete
Care Plan Items can be added, edited and deleted according to your practice's needs for the Care Plans you build.
Care Plan Item: Recall Schedule
The Care Plan Items tab allows you to indicate whether the items added into the system are an action, trigger or both for the Care Plans being created.
Care Plan Item Types
Care Plan Item Types are the building blocks for constructing Care Plans.
Share Care Plans
You are able to import/export Care Plans between practices, as long as you are attempting to import/export with a .cpx file.