Care Plans


Approaching Care Plans
This page will guide you through a stepwise, thoughtful process for identifying and articulating what you would like to accomplish with a Care Plan before building one. Ideally, Care Plans should follow evidence-based guidelines which should be used...
Checklist for Activating Care Plans
A checklist for creating Care Plans.
Care Plan Enrollment
Learn how to enroll and dis-enroll patients from Care Plans.
Overview Definition, Triggers, and Actions
Learn about the purpose of the Definition, Triggers, and Actions for Care Plans.
Purpose and Patient Goal Statement
Learn how to update the Purpose and Patient Goal Statement for Care Plans.
Activate, Enroll, and Privacy
Learn how to activate existing Care Plans, choose whether or not to auto-enroll patients, and set the privacy level for Care Plan visibility within OP.
Bibliographic Citation
Learn how to set the bibliographic citation for a Care Plan.
Adding and Editing Triggers
Learn how to make changes to the Triggers within your existing Care Plans.
Grouping Rules and Actions
Learn how Grouping Rules and Actions can be used in Care Plan Triggers.
Trigger Conditions Definitions
Learn about the Trigger conditions used with Care Plans.
Adding and Editing Actions
Learn how to make changes to the Actions within your existing Care Plans.
Creating Care Plans
Learn how to create a new Care Plan.
Care Plan Item: Add, Edit, Delete
Learn how to add, edit, and delete Care Plan Items according to your Practice's needs for the Care Plans you build.
Care Plan Item: Recall Schedule
Learn how to set the default interval in which the items are recalled for a patient as well as a Recall Schedule if the particular item would be recalled over an extended period of time.
Care Plan Item Types
Learn about Care Plan Item Types.
Share Care Plans
Learn how to export and import Care Plans with other OP Practices.
Care Plan Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting tips for working with Care Plans.