Carequality Outbound Patient Data


Carequality is a national HIE (Health Information Exchange) in which patient information is placed for sharing amongst health care providers. This article will go over what data types are shared from OP to Carequality, how they are shared, and how you can view the information that was shared.

What Data Types Are Shared From OP To the Carequality Network?

At this time, only encounter and well note summaries in CCD format are shareable via Carequality.

  • After finalizing an encounter or well note, a CCD will automatically be created for that visit.  Those CCDs will be available in the Carequality repository for other practices to search and download.
    • If a note is not truly finalized, meaning it requires a co-sign, a CCD will not be created and the CDA button will be greyed out. When the note is co-signed, a CCD will be created.
  • CCD generation will respect the confidential flag; in other words, the CCD will only contain content marked with a privacy constraint of "A" (any staff member)

How Do I See The Data That Was Shared?

Once the CCD gets created from the encounter or well note summary, the document will show in the Referrals Category of the patient's Document Management