CDA Export

Version 14.19

Note: This information is intended solely for clients who are participating in Meaningful Use Stage 3, or who have received the OP Automation Service for CDA Exports independently.

About CDA Export

Path: Admin tab > CDA Export button

The CDA Export window is where users can create and view recurring or one-time CDA exports. Each line in the grid can be expanded to show the stage detail of the export job.

CDA Export Map

1Recurring tabThe Recurring tab displays all recurring CDA export jobs.
One-time tabThe One-time tab displays all one-time CDA export jobs.
New buttonThe New button is used to create a new CDA export job.
Edit buttonAfter selecting a job from the grid, the Edit button is used to modify the details of the job. The job type (Recurring or One-time) is the only field that cannot be edited. All edits are recorded in the Audit Log. 
Delete buttonAfter selecting a job from the grid, the Delete button is used to delete a job from the grid. A warning is displayed when the Delete button is clicked confirming that the user wants to delete the job and informing that all future and historical export jobs will be unrecoverable. All deletions are recorded in the Audit Log.
Show InactiveThe Show Inactive checkbox can be selected to display inactive jobs in the grid.


CDA Export GridThe CDA Export Grid displays a list of all recurring or One-time CDA Exports in the respective tabs. It lists all of the details of the job. Each grid item can be expanded to display additional details of the job.