Version 14.8

CHADIS surveys are integrated in OP for parents to complete them from a link on their portal account and scored responses are delivered directly into the patient’s record for provider review and discussion. The CHADIS and OP Workflow is as follows: 


CHADIS Workflow Training Video




Billing for Surveys

Taking Surveys

Viewing and Scoring Results


Click here to access CHADIS URL

Consider how many active portal accounts there are within your practice population. Remember that CHADIS surveys will be delivered directly to a patient/parent portal account and so each practice that wishes to effectively utilize CHADIS surveys within their workflow needs to have either a high number of active portal accounts or a plan to increase that number. A patient/parent will not be able to access the survey without one.

NOTE: There is a cost for some of the surveys. Any surveys that require an additional charge will be marked as such in OP by a "$" in the survey name as well as having a notation in the survey description. They will also be marked in CHADIS. If you have any questions about a specific survey in CHADIS/OP, including pricing of these surveys, please contact your CHADIS account manager at or 888-424-2347.

NOTE: OP Patient Portal Required. The CHADIS integration is based on a proprietary API and is the only supported method to securely transfer data with CHADIS. Please contact your CHADIS account manager at or 1-888-424-2347 for any questions.