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CHADIS: Reprocess a CHADIS survey


There may be instances when CHADIS/OP encounters an error. Below are instructions on how to reprocess the CHADIS survey results into OP. This is dependent that the task in OP was not deleted and that the results are linked to the Survey.

  1. Navigate to: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart.
  2. Search for and select the patient who's Survey requires reprocessing.

Note: You can click Surveys and select the Survey you believe contains the error. Below is an example of a CHADIS survey that is missing the responses.


  1. Click Tasks and locate the CHADIS survey task. If the CHADIS survey task has a status of Completed, select the All radio button in the Show group.
  2. Select IN PROGRESS from the Status drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Refresh button.
  4. Click Surveys.
  5. Click the Fetch External button.