Version 14.8

Address Book

CHADIS utilizes the email address in your address book to identify you as an ordering provider or staff member.  Make sure each provider and staff member is set up as a contact in the address book with the email on file with CHADIS.  Go to the tool bar and click on Correspondence.  The drop down menu will appear and select the Address Book.  

Search for the provider's name and select.  Move to the Address Tab.  Make sure the email address on file with CHADIS is properly entered here.  

A parent/patient respondent cannot also be a provider or staff member.  CHADIS utilizes a user's email address to identify them.  Therefore, it is important that any OP Patient Portal accounts (including test accounts) be registered with a personal email address and the email used in the address book is a professional email address.  Any attempt to do so will result in an error.

CHADIS provides Office Practicum with a unique User Name and Password for your practice.  Those credentials are stored in the e-correspondence table.  This is part of our set up process and should already be stored.  To check, select CHADIS and look at 'FTP login/password' fields.    


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