CHADIS Survey Library Updates: 2023

Version 21.3
Path: Clinical tab > More button (Customize group) > Surveys > CHADIS Group

Disclaimer: CHADIS Surveys are only available in OP to practices who have an active subscription with CHADIS.


With the release of OP 21.3, the CHADIS Survey Library was enhanced to include the following CHADIS Surveys. *These questionnaires may have an additional cost associated with them. Ask your CHADIS account manager or sales representative for details.

CHADIS Surveys Added

Adolescent Self-Administered

QuestionnaireOP Short Name
CBCL: Youth Self-Report for Ages 11-18YSR 11-18
Sexuality and Gender QuestionnaireSexuality and Gender
Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (Cut Score >=8) T - MEDSPHQ-9-cut >=8
Brief Problem Monitor - Youth Form for ages 11-18BPM-Y
Pediatric Symptom Checklist 35-item Youth Report with Suicide Related QuestionsY-PSC-35 with Suicide-Related Questions
Goals and Strengths YouthGoals and Strengths Youth
Youth Health Questionnaire - SYHQ-S
Youth Health Questionnaire - S with goals revisedYHQ-S
Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (Cut Score >=8) Version TPHQ-9-cut >=8
Goals and Strengths Youth- ShortGoals and Strengths Youth- Short


QuestionnaireOP Short Name
The Modified Overt Aggression Scale MOAS
Relational Self-Schema Measure Relational Self-Schema Measure
Adult Self Report for Ages 18-59* Adult Self Report for Ages 18-59*
Brief Problem Monitor - Adult Form for ages 18-59* Brief Problem Monitor - Adult Form for ages 18-59*
Patient Annual Update Patient Annual Update
UCLA Loneliness Scale Version 3 UCLA Loneliness Scale Version 3

Child Mental Health

QuestionnaireOP Short Name
Weiss Symptom Record IIWSR-II
Weiss Symptom Record II without Suicide ItemsWSR-II
Teacher's Report Form for Ages 6-18TRF 6-18
Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 6-18CBCL 6-18
Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 1 1/2-5CBCL 1½-5
Mood and Feelings Questionnaire: Parent-Report on Child Short Version - MEDSSMFQ: Parent-Report on Child Short Version
Brief Problem Monitor - Parent Form for ages 6-18BPM-P
Caregiver-Teacher Report Form for Ages 1 1/2 - 5 (for use in daycare settings)CTRF 1 1/2 -5
Mood and Feelings Questionnaire: Parent-Report on Child Short VersionSMFQ: Parent-Report on Child Short Version

Clinician Tools

QuestionnaireOP Short Name
Oral Risk Assessment Tool - PARENT Oral Risk
Oral Risk Assessment Tool - CLINICIAN Oral Risk


QuestionnaireOP Short Name
Brief Problem Monitor - Teacher Form for ages 6-18 BPM-T


OP Short Name
CIFC Health Center Intake Intake Form
CIFC Health Center Records Request Records Request
Integra Social Health Questionnaire (ID: 1159) Integra SDoH
CIFC Health Center Intake with Records Request Intake Form
Integra Social Health Questionnaire (ID: 1213) Integra SDoH
Integra Social Health Questionnaire (ID: 1242) Integra SDoH

General Medical - Bright Futures including Safety

QuestionnaireOP Short Name
Safety Checklist: 7-10 Years Youth Report Safety: 7-10 Youth
Safety Checklist: 11-17 Years Parent/Guardian Report Safety: 11-17 Parent
Safety Checklist: 11-17 Years Youth Report Safety: 11-17 Youth
Safety Checklist: 18-21 Years Young Adult PHQ-9-cut >=8-MEDS

General Medical & Behavioral

QuestionnaireOP Short Name
Older Adult Self-Report For Ages 60+ OASR
Adult Self Report for Ages 18-59 ASR
Youth Health Questionnaire S - Parent (without TEENSAFE) YHQ-P S

General Medical Care

QuestionnaireOP Short Name
Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire - TX TB Screening Questionnaire
Tuberculosis (TB) Screener - General TB Screening Questionnaire
Guidance Topics Guidance Topics
Brenner 'Families in Training' FIT

General Medical - Other

QuestionnaireOP Short NameCHADIS Category
Intake Form (Childhood/Adolescent Questionnaire) Intake FormGeneral Medical - Clinic Specific Intake Forms
Blood Lead Screening and Healthy Homes Summary Mississippi leadGeneral Medical - EPSDT
PRAPARE - Health Center PRAPARE - Health CenterGeneral Medical - Social Determinants of Health
Lead Poisoning and Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Lead Poisoning and TB Risk AssessmentGeneral Medical - EPSDT

Mental Health

QuestionnaireOP Short NameCHADIS Category
Spence Preschool Anxiety Scale (Parent Report) (SCAS-Preschool)Mental Health - Preschool Screeners
CRAFFT+N-HONC Version 2.1 CRAFFT+N-HONC Version 2.1Mental Health - Substance Use