CHADIS Surveys


CHADIS surveys are integrated in OP for parents to complete them from a link on their portal account and scored responses are delivered directly into the patient’s record for provider review.
CHADIS Workflow
This page will show you the CHADIS workflow in Office Practicum.
CHADIS - Viewing and Scoring Results
Surveys from CHADIS will have a score of "N/A". The results coming from CHADIS will be seen in the top portion. Update the "Assessment" field to include Pass/Fail.
CHADIS utilizes the email address in your address book to identify you as an ordering provider or staff member.
CHADIS Complete a Survey without a Patient Portal Account
Version 14.19 Overview At times it may be necessary for a parent, who does not wish to create a portal account, to complete a CHADIS survey. In those instances the parent will register in CHADIS and complete the survey during the visit. There ar...
CHADIS Survey Library Updates: 2020
Version 20.8 Path: Clinical tab > More button (Customize group) > Surveys > CHADIS Group Disclaimer : CHADIS Surveys are only available in OP to practices who have an active subscription with CHADIS. Overview With t...