CHADIS: Teacher Survey


OP staff may invite educators to take a CHADIS survey through OP with a few additional steps. Input from teachers provides clinicians with valuable information to diagnose and manage health or developmental/behavioral concerns. Teachers will be able to log into CHADIS and complete surveys and the results will be available to the providers in OP.

Note: Only one teacher survey for a CHADIS type may be sent a day per patient. If the same CHADIS survey must be sent to multiple teachers, you must send those surveys over multiple days.

  1. Create the task in OP for the survey the teacher will complete.
  1. Navigate to the Patient Chart and search for and select the patient.
  2. Click Tasks then click the New Order button.
  3. Click the Survey tab.
  4. In the Survey Name field, click the drop-down arrow or begin typing the name of the survey and select.
  5. (Optional) If more than one survey, repeat the above step.
  6. Once all surveys have been selected, click the Create button to create the task for the survey order.
  1. Double-click the survey name to start the process.
  2. The CHADIS page will open for the Respondent, log out of CHADIS.
  3. From the Patient Chart, click Surveys then click the CHADIS button. This will take you to the Patient Detail page in CHADIS.
  4. Click Invite at the bottom of the Respondents section.

  1. Complete the Create Invitation information.
  • Relationship: Click the drop-down and select from the Educators group.
  • Longevity: Click the drop-down and select from the list, the typical selection would be 6 months.
  • Number of Uses: Leave the number of uses blank.
  • Send email: Click the checkbox to notify the recipient of the invitation.
  • Recipient Name: Enter the name of the teacher. If not sending to the teacher, enter the parent's name.
  • email address: Enter the email address of the teacher. If the parent/patient will forward to the teacher enter their email in this field.
  • Extra text: Enter instructions in the text box.

  1. Click the Save button.
  2. The Invitation Created window displays, click the Continue button.
  3. Log out of CHADIS.
  4. An invitation email will be sent with the login information.