Change Insurance on Individual Transactions (Daysheet Claims)

Version 14.8
Path: Smart Toolbar > Account


At times, there will be instances when a claim goes out the door to the wrong insurance, and needs to be resent to the most accurate and up to date insurance for a patient. Please follow the following steps to change insurance on a claim that has been daysheeted.

Changing Insurance (Daysheeted Claims)

  1. Open the Patient Account on the Smart Tool Bar.

  1. Click on Insurance tab.
  2. Inactivate any invalid insurance and Insert a New Insurance Record for the most up to date insurance for a patient.
  3. Once you update to the newest insurance click on the Claims tab.
  4. Then select the Change Payer button.
  5. The Change Insurance on Individual Transactions window will open.
    Follow the Steps #a-#c.
  1. Choose transaction(s) to resubmit to a different insurance carrier by holding down your CTRL key on your keyboard and select transactions with your mouse to highlight.
  2. Choose new Primary Insurance carrier for selected transactions.
  3. Choose new Secondary Insurance carrier for selected transactions (optional), if no other insurance Check the box for Omit.
  1. Then select to the right, Requeue to Primary if sending back out the door electronically, if Dropping to CMS-1500 form, click Apply Only.
  2. Click on the Red X to close the Change Insurance on Individual Transactions window.

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