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Chart Tab Indicators

Version 14.19

Content for this topic only pertains to OP 14.10.

Version 14.10


When navigating through the Patient Chart, you may see tabs where the text has turned red and/or a number appears in parenthesis. These are indicators to alert staff of incomplete items or information that requires attention. The table below lists the chart tabs that may appear red or with numbers and explains what is indicated by each.

Note: If you are unable to locate the items requiring attention, it may be necessary to select the Include Confidential checkbox located beneath the tabs of the patient chart or within the selected chart tab window.

Patient Chart Tab Indications

The Patient Chart tab indications are listed below.

Chart Tab
The text of the Tasks tab will display red when tasks for the Provider and Clinical staff are incomplete. There will be a number in parenthesis that will display the number of tasks.
Number displays in parenthesis for the number of encounter visits that are not finalized.
Well Visits
Number displays in parenthesis for the number of well visits that are not finalized.
The text of the tab will display red when immunizations are behind. If a child is due for vaccines the text will remain in black.
Vitals/Growth will display red when values are high or low. The number in parenthesis will show how many values are in the high or low range for either vitals or growth measurements.
Diagnostic Tests
The text of the tab will display red with a numeric value of test that are pending or not reviewed.
Number displays in parenthesis for the total surveys where the status is Received, Awaiting Test Action, Order to be Placed or Pending.