Charting: Refuse a Vaccine

Version 14.19


The steps below instruct on how to document a vaccine refusal when charting. 

WarningSelecting a vaccine refusal will discontinue the vaccines forecast. If you want the vaccine to continue to forecast select Defer.

  1. Access the patient's chart from the Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab.
  2. Create or open a well visit or encounter note.
  3. Select Plan/Orders.
  4. Click the Imm tab.
  5. Select the radio button in the Ref column for the vaccine which is being refused.
  6. Click the Create button.

Note: You may also click the Do Now button and the Refuse/Defer Vaccine window will display.

  1. The Refuse/Defer Vaccine window displays.

  1. Complete the below fields.
  • Reason: Select a radio button to indicate the reason for refusing the vaccine.
  • Details: Click the dropdown arrow and select from the list.
  • Vaccine: Will populate with the vaccine chosen in the Plan/Orders window.
  • Comments: Type additional comments, if necessary.
  • Create consent task for refusal/deferral: Click the checkbox to create a task for a refusal consent form, if this is your practice policy.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Confirmation window displays to create the immunization tasks, click OK.

Tip: A task will be created to complete the vaccine refusal consent form if the checkbox was selected on the Refuse/Defer Vaccine window. 

Re-forecast a Refused Vaccine

Once a vaccine is marked as refused the vaccine will not forecast. If you wish to begin forecasting the vaccine you must delete the refusal following the below steps. the deletion of the vaccine refusal will be recorded in the Audit Trail.

  1. Access the patient's chart from the Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab.
  2. Select Immunizations.
  3. Click the Complete List tab.
  4. Highlight the vaccine that was refused, click the Delete button.