Checking your Credits Information

Version 14.10

In the Patient Message eXchange window, on the Usage Statistics tab, the bottom grid displays your actual use of the system on a month-by-month basis. It breaks down how many messages were sent in each of the three electronic modes and whether they were handled manually or delivered through the messaging platform. It also keeps track of the total credits consumed and the total messages delivered.

The top grid indicates how many credits were purchased. The system will remind you when you are running low on credits. At the end of every night the system will automatically check to see if any new credits have been added to your account.

To manually check your credits, you can click the Check Credits button to send a request for the messaging service to check for new credits. Within a few minutes by closing and reopening the window, the data should refresh showing you any new credits you may have.

Note: You do not have to click the Check Credits button more than once. If you are not seeing new credits after an hour and you know you purchased them, please contact support.