Checklist: Inactivate a Provider

Version 20.16


Below, are the steps to take when you learn that a Provider is leaving your Practice. In addition to taking the steps below, you'll also want to start a list of all entities that you may need to contact to notify about the Provider's departure - this should include your IT professional so that they can coordinate to collect, deactivate, or disable any technology the Provider may currently be using.

Step 1: Contact Your Account Manager ASAP

Your Account Manager will be your point of contact for the initiation of the Provider's OP license termination. You must contact your Account Manager several weeks prior to the Provider's departure to ensure there's adequate time for our teams to work with your Practice's billable, integrated services in disabling the Provider's access(s). Have the following information handy when contacting your AM: 

  • The Provider's Full Name and credentials (MD, DO, NP, etc.)
  • The date of the Provider's last day with the Practice
  • Whether or not the Provider will be replaced. If yes, how soon will the new Provider start? This will help OP's Implementation team decide whether or not the Provider's OP license could be reused.
  • An updated list of Providers currently seeing patients at the Practice and the number of encounters per month

Then, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Contact your Account Manager or email to let them know about the Provider's departure plan. Include in your email the items bulleted above. 
  2. The Account Manager will review and verify the information submitted and will forward the information to our Implementation Team.
  3. The Implementation team will disable any billed services associated with the Provider, such as EPCS, Direct Messaging, eRx, CQM, etc.

Step 2: Deactivate the Provider in OP

Important: Once a Provider is deactivated in OP, they will no longer be listed in the Provider drop-down for claims. This means that you should wait until all outstanding claims for the Provider have been adjudicated and/or followed up on before you deactivate him/her in the Staff/Provider Directory.