Claim Scrubber Impact on Other Billing Areas


The Claim Scrubber has an impact on other areas in Billing, including Claim Status History entries and the Claims A/R tab. This article will identify these changes.

Claim Status History Entries

Three new claim status histories have been added to OP to enhance the claim scrubbing working. Users will see these claim statuses in the Claim Status History grid to help track the claim along the process.  

Claim Status History EntryLong NameDescription
SPScrub PassesScrub Passes will appear when the claim has been scrubbed and does not return any errors.
SNRScrub Needs ReviewEvery time a claim is scrubbed and returns an error report an entry of SNR will appear. If the claim is scrubbed 4 times, there will be 4 entries of SNR.
SBEScrub Bypassed without Edits and QueuedScrub Bypassed without edits and queued will appear when the user who has the security permissions has queued the claim without making the recommended edits.

Claims A/R Tab

Claims that have been scrubbed and return errors can be viewed from the Claims A/R tab of the Billing Center.

  • A new Claims in Error column has been added to the Claims A/R tab and will display a red ! when the claim is flagged for review. 

Warning: Flagged claims with a red ! cannot be queued from the A/R tab. They can only be queued from the Claims in Review tab.

  • The Claim Report column has also been added. You will be able to quickly and easily see the scrubbing report without opening the claim by clicking the report icon found in the Claim Report column. This will open a pop-up with the details of the scrubbing report. 
  • Claims that are flagged for review can still be edited here. Editing the claim and viewing the Scrub Report follows the same steps as editing and viewing from the Claims in Review tab. See the Navigating the Claims in Review Tab article for more information.