Claim Scrubber Overview


OP now has integrated real-time claim scrubbing and claim submission prevention when converting superbills to a claim. OP has integrated with Alpha II to help get cleaner claims out the door for faster payments, fewer denials, less work, and improved cash flow.  

When superbills are converted, the integrated real-time claim scrubber will automatically review the claim for submission errors, when the global setting is turned on. If a claim has a submission error, the claims will be moved to a new tab in the billing center called “Claims in Review”. Claims will fall off the Claims in Review tab once they are edited, re-scrubbed, and return no errors. In the event that a claim with errors requires transmission to the payer without correcting, the appropriate permissions will allow a user to override the error message and send the claim to the transmission queue.

Benefits of Claims Scrubber

  • Claim Scrubbing is handled directly from the Billing Center, an area of the software with which OP users are already familiar.
  • Submission errors are easily reviewed and addressed in the Claims in Review tab of the Billing Center
  • Informative error messages are provided in OP so that users can see and fix any claim submission errors.

To get started using Claim Scrubber, contact your Account Manager or email the Account Management team at today!