Claim Scrubber Setup


A new Global Preference will allow users who have contracted with OP to use Claim Scrubbing to allow the scrubbing of claims to happen automatically, or to disable automatic scrubbing and allow the manual scrubbing of claims. 

Users will also need certain permissions, depending on their role.

Global Settings

Path: Admin > Global Preferences > Billing > Superbill > Claim Scrubbing Settings

To require Claim Scrubbing to occur automatically or manually after you have been set up,

  1. Navigate to the Claim Scrubber Settings by following the path above.
  2. The new global preference, Require Claim Scrubbing, will allow users to enable or disable automatic Claim Scrubbing:
    • When checked, scrubbing of claims will occur automatically on the Save/Save + Queue buttons from the Add/Edit Charges screen, and the green Save checkmark on the Edit Archived Claim Transactions screen.
    • When unchecked, scrubbing will not occur automatically. Users can pick and choose which claims to scrub using the Scrub Claim buttons found on the Add/Edit Charges and Edit Archived Claim Transactions screens.

Security Permissions

Path: Admin > Staff Directory > Select User > Security Settings

To queue a dirty claim you need the Billing_ClaimReview_Queue permission in addition to the existing Billing_Manage_Queue security permission.