Claims Processing


Delete Claims from the Transmittal Queue
Claims that will not be sent to the clearinghouse can be deleted prior to transmission.
Edit Claims in the Transmittal Queue
Overview During review of the Transmittal Queue, and prior to creating claim files for submission to the clearinghouse, users may find it necessary to edit a claim. Rather than navigate to the patient chart, claims requiring edits can be managed di...
Send Claims Back to the Transmittal Queue
This process is done once a change has been made to an existing claim and needs to be resubmitted to a payer.
Create and Send Electronic Claim Files
When creating and sending electronic claim files, all queued claims assigned to insurance payers setup for electronic claim submission will be sent to your clearinghouse.
Updating Claim Status with Clearinghouse Acknowledgements
If your office has a supported clearinghouse and your claim audit reports are automated through your clearinghouse.
Viewing Clearinghouse Claim Acknowledgements and Rejections
If your office has a supported clearinghouse and your claim audit reports were downloaded into OP via the Fetch and Process functionality.
Automated Billing Task for Credit Card Payment Error
Note : The content of this help article applies only to clients who are contracted for Instamed payments. Clients contracted with other clearinghouses or an Instamed instance without the payments module are not effected. Overview Wit...
How Claim Status Categories are Defined
If your office is contracted for Full HIPAA Services and your office contracted with a supported clearinghouse, you will have the ability to view claim status within OP.