Version 14.8

About Clear Triage

Path: Smart Toolbar > Messages button > +New Message button > Clear Triage button.
Path: Smart Toolbar > Schedule button > Messages tab > + New Message button > Clear Triage button
Path: Smart Toolbar > Chart button > Messages tab > + New Message button > Clear Triage button

Office Practicum (OP) Version 14.0.55 and OP Version 14.1.10 introduced integration support for ClearTriage. ClearTriage is an online decision-support tool for pediatric telephone triage nurses in practices and clinics utilizing the Dr. Barton Schmitt protocols. ClearTriage has been integrated into OP 14.0.41 and is available to any client. ClearTriage offers a free trial and you may purchase user licenses directly from ClearTriage. 

Note:  You must have OP Version 14.0.55, OP Version 14.1.10 or later to use ClearTriage in OP.

You must have a ClearTriage account before using ClearTriage in OP. Obtaining a ClearTriage Account provides details on obtaining a ClearTriage account.

After obtaining a ClearTriage account, you must set up OP to support ClearTriage before you can use ClearTriage services in OP. Setting up ClearTriage Support in OP provides details on how to set up OP to support ClearTriage.

Note: If you would like to arrange additional training, click here for a detailed list of the training options available and to access the Training Request form. OP can provide training on how to create an eCorrespondent record and using the Messaging feature, but we cannot provide training on the use of ClearTriage. For training on the use of ClearTriage, please contact ClearTriage.

After clicking on the ClearTriage button, OP opens a browser window to the ClearTriage web page and automatically logs the user on using the credentials entered in the eCorrespondent.

After opening the ClearTriage page and logging on, ClearTriage displays the Protocol Select page with the user’s initials displayed in the upper right. For more information on using ClearTriage, click here.