On-Premise Server: Patient Message eXchange Service Update


Patient Message eXchange (PMX) updates can be conducted at any time without any risk of disruption to the clinical environment. Additionally, if a version is missed, the updater can be applied without issue. Keeping your PMX up to date is the best way to ensure text, email, and voicemail messages will be transmitted successfully for appointment confirmations and patient notifications. Below are the instructions to run the OP PMX update. You must be logged into a user account with Admin privileges on your server to complete the install or update successfully. We also offer professional services to perform updates to the PMX service at our standard rates, if needed.

Tip: The PMX version number can be found by right clicking the OP_Msg_Service, selecting Properties and choosing the Details tab.

Update the OPMsgService

  1. Download the latest OPMsgService executable application onto the desktop of the database server.
  2. Confirm the location of the opsetup.ini file. The default location is C:\OP, but it may be on a different drive on your server.

Tip: Go to your desktop, right-click on your OP icon, select Properties, and then select Open File Location. There should be an opsetup.ini in that directory.

  1. Stop the OPMsgService following the steps below:
  1. Right-click on the desktop and select Task Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Services tab.
  3. Click OPMsgService to select it, right-click and select Stop.

Tip: Use the Open Services link located at the bottom of the Task Manager window if you are unsure where the OPMsgService program is installed after you have stopped the service.

  1. Navigate to where the existing service is installed, and replace the OP_Msg_Service.exe with the one you downloaded in Step 1.

Tip: If you are unsure where the service executable is located, go to the Services tab within the Task Manager, right-click the service, and select Properties. Look for "Path to the executable" on the General tab.

  1. Select Yes to replace the existing file.

  1. Start the OPMsgService from either the Services panel or from Task Manager's Service tab.

Note: The default location for this service is on your database server. The default location on that server is the C:\OP directory. If you need help locating the service location on your server, please call OP Tech Support, and have TeamViewer ready to expedite the process.