Clinical Analytics: Exporting

Version 20.18
This feature is available to OP Cloud Practices who use specific OP Internal Surveys. Contact your Client Account Manager for more information.


You can easily share your Practice's clinical insights by exporting the data from the Clinical Analytics Dashboard. Export is available as PDF, Image, and Excel. To activate the Export To button, simply hover over the upper right-hand corner of the card you want to export. 

Export Dashboard Data

  1. Navigate to the card of the Dashboard you want to export and hover to activate the Export To button.
  2. Select the Export Method from the Export To options. The Export To window, specific to the option you selected, is displayed.

Note: The Export To window is displayed in the center of the window, so you may have to scroll up or down to locate and complete the Export To window details.

Export to PDF

All cards

Export to Image 
Survey Score Trends, Outcome Measures Pie Chart

Export to Excel (CSV)

All cards

  1. Complete the fields in the window.
  2. Click the Export button.