Clinical Analytics: Mental Health Monitor

Version 20.18
This feature is available to OP Cloud Practices who use specific OP Internal Surveys. Contact your Client Account Manager for more information.

Path: Tools tab > Clinical Analytics button


The Mental Health Monitor (or Tracker) is a dashboard located in Clinical Analytics that leverages internal English surveys: GAD-7 and Depression Screen: PHQ-9: Modified for Teens. If your Practice has modified either of these two surveys or has named them differently, you will need to download the new versions from the Survey Downloads article. CHADIS surveys will not be utilized at this time.

This Dashboard is sectioned into 5 cards that display the patient's data broken down by focus.

Card 1: Patient List

This view shows all of the patients with a Problem List entry of Mental Health Promotion. It provides a link to their chart, and displays their date of birth, their most recent Sick and Well Visits, and their next scheduled appointment, if applicable, with color coding to indicate if it has been greater than 30, 60, or 90 days since the patient was last seen. This will help you make sure that appropriate, timely follow-up is provided for these patients.

Card 2: Outcomes

This view shows patients who are listed on the Patient List that have two completed PHQ9s: Modified for Teens or GAD-7s so that a comparison can be made between a prior and a recent score. For a patient to display in this view, the Practice must use the OP Internal surveys of GAD-7 and Depression Screen: PHQ-9: Modified for Teens. If the Practice uses CHADIS surveys, those patients will not be included in this view.

Card 3: Suicidal Ideation (SI) Risk

This view shows patients that have answered Yes to questions 12 or 13 or Several days or higher for question 9 on the Depression Screen: PHQ9: Modified for Teens survey. In order for scores to display in the Recent/Prior PHQ9 Score or Recent/Prior GAD7 Score fields, the patient must have two surveys completed.

Card 4: Referral Follow Up

This view shows patients that are on the Patient List with Pending referrals by the selection made in the Date Range section.

Card 5: Survey Score Trends

This card displays a visual representation of the average score for each of the surveys on a weekly basis based on the date completed. You can hover over a data point to view the average for that week.