Clinical Analytics: Overview and Patient Enrollment

Version 20.18
This feature is available to OP Cloud Practices who use specific OP Internal Surveys. Contact your Client Account Manager for more information.


Clinical Analytics provides you with clinically-focused and actionable dashboards to help manage, monitor, and treat your Practice's population of patients with certain conditions. The currently available dashboard, the Mental Health Monitor (or Tracker), leverages internal English surveys: GAD-7 and Depression Screen: PHQ-9: Modified for Teens. If your Practice has modified either of these two surveys or has named them differently, you will need to download the new versions from the Survey Downloads article. CHADIS surveys will not be utilized at this time.

Getting Started: Assigning Permission

Clinical Analytics dashboards are only accessible to users in your Practice with the Tools_ClinicalDashboards permission. To assign that permission:

  1. Navigate to Security Settings: Admin tab > Security Administration.
  2. From the Users column, select a Staff ID.
  3. From the Permissions column, select the Permission Tools_ClinicalDashboards.
  4. Click the Left Arrow button. The Permission is assigned to the selected Staff ID.

Identify Patients to Include in the Dashboard

In order for patients to be included in the Mental Health Monitor dashboard, a SNOMED code entry is required for Mental Health Promotion (385891009). This code needs to be entered into the patient's Problem List to identify them as having behavioral health concerns. You can use one of the following two methods to identify these patients so that you can add the Mental Health Promotion code to their Problem List.

Identify the Patients via Demographic Analysis/Recall

  1. Navigate to the Demographic Analysis/ Recall Report: Practice Management tab > Demographic Analysis/Recall.
  2. Create the patient list from the Patient Demographics tab.
  3. Click the Clinical Recall tab and enter a date range in the Result date range fields.
  4. Click the Problem drop-down and select the problems you feel are relevant.
  5. Click the Search button.
  6. Use this list to add the Mental Health Promotion code to the Problem List. If you want to work with a paper copy of the list, click the Print Grid button.

Identify the via SQL Query

If you would like to run a report in the Database Viewer, copy and paste this SQL Query to generate a list of all active patients with any "F" category diagnosis (Mental, Behavioral, and Neurodevelopmental disorders). Use this list to add the Mental Health Promotion code to the Problem List. If you want to work with a paper copy of the list, click the Print button.