Clinician Reference Tools & Resources: Bright Futures

Bright Futures

The Bright Futures Patient Education handouts that are accessible in OP are patient-facing materials that are intended as educational Visit takeaways. Below, we've provided a list of Clinician-facing materials1 that are not intended for sharing with patients and are for Provider and Clinical Staff reference only to help with the implementation of Bright Futures Guidelines. These materials were developed and made accessible by the AAP and are available directly from the Bright Futures Tip Sheets for Clinical Practices. We've included PDFs of them here for easy access. They've been categorized as follows:

Assessment and Screening Tools

  • Commonly Used Screening Instruments and Tools  
  • Eliciting Youth and Parental Strengths and Needs  
  • Mental Health Screening and Assessment Tools  
  • Integrating Adolescent Health Screening into Health Supervision Visits  
  • Integrating Social Determinants of Health into Health Supervision Visits  

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Community Coordination

  • 12 Practical Tips for Implementing Bright Futures at the State or Community Level  
  • Link Your Practice to Community Resources  
  • Making the Grade: How to Coordinate and Collaborate with Schools  


  • Bright Futures and AAP Resource List  

Medical Screening References Tables

  • Medical Screening Reference Table Infancy Visits (3-5 days - 9 months)  
  • Medical Screening Reference Table Early Childhood Visits (12 months - 4 years)  
  • Medical Screening Reference Table Middle Childhood Visits (5 - 10 years)  
  • Medical Screening Reference Table Adolescent Visits (11 - 21 years)  

Promotion of Healthy Development, Habits, and Lifestyles

  • Model for Improvement  
  • Promoting Early Hearing Detection and Intervention  
  • Promoting Health for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs  
  • Promoting Healthy Development of Sexuality and Gender Identity  
  • Promoting Healthy and Safe Use of Social Media  
  • Promoting Healthy Weight  
  • Promoting Mental Health  
  • Promoting Oral Health  
  • Promoting Physical Activity  
  • Promoting Relational Health  
  • Promoting Safety and Injury Prevention  
  • Role of the Primary Care Clinician in Providing Culturally Competent, Family-Centered Care (+/-)  

Preventive Services

  • Preventive Services Prompting Systems (+/-)  
  • Preventive Services Quality Improvement Measures  
  • Practice Management Resources for Preventive Care  

Safe Vaccine Handling

  • Checklist for Safe Vaccine Handling and Storage (+/-)  
  • Vaccine Storage and Handling Errors (+/-)  

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