Close Out Daily Activity - Running a Daysheet

Version 14.8

When you run (or process) a DaySheet, you convert current patient transactions - claims and payments - to archived patient transactions. This also allows for the verification of monies received against those entered on the system resulting in an accurate and reconciled bank deposit. Financial reconciliation of monies received for the day should be done prior to processing a Daysheet as described below.

  1. Click Billing buttonto open the e-Billing center. 
  2. Click on the Claims + A/R tab .
  3. Click on the drop-down to the right and select Unsent (not transmitted or printed), then click the Refresh icon. 
  4. Click on the Sel All button  to select all Unsent (not transmitted or printed).
  5. Click the Primary button to transfer these claims to the transmittal queue for primary claim submission.
  6. Select OK  when prompted to Queue selected claims?   
  1. Click the Daysheet buttonin the smart toolbar.

  1. If you are closing out ALL current activity for the office, click on Daysheet.  If you have specific requirements for what data is being closed out, first select the appropriate parameters (including dates, locations, staff, and providers) in the Current Transactions to include sections and then click on Daysheet.
  2. Click Yes when prompted Have you updated the transmittal queue?
Note: A Daysheet report will print to screen. You have the option of printing the report or simply viewing and closing it. While some practices opt to print the DaySheet, it is not required. A copy of each DaySheet is automatically stored in your Administrative Documents, and can be retrieved at any time in the future, if necessary. To view these click on Activities > Administrative Documents > under Transaction type select DAYSHEET > enter in a date range > click on Search.

We recommend processing DaySheets daily. While this is not mandatory, it does allow users to "clear-out" their current day's work, by archiving all claims processed that day.

Larger offices may opt to process more than one DaySheet daily, considering the high volume of payments and claims that they receive. When processing a DaySheet mid-day, however, be sure that users do not enter new payments or claims while payments are being reconciled, or while a DaySheet is being processed. Once the DaySheet is complete, users can continue to enter new transactions.