Cloud FAQs

How long will the actual conversion process take? 

Conversion can take anywhere from 2-24 hours depending on the performance of the hardware in the office, size of the data, and the office's internet connection. On average, most conversions take 4-6 hours.

Will we still be able to use our barcode scanner?

Yes.  The use of a barcode scanner works exactly the same without any changes to configuration or setup.

How is the cloud database backed up? If cloud services go down, does everyone lose their data or is it stored somewhere else?

Office Practicum works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store your practice’s data. AWS is one of the largest cloud providers in the world, with redundant data centers across the country.

Practice data is backed up daily. Daily backups are retained for 30 days. After 30 days, monthly backups are retained for 24 months. All backups are encrypted using AES-256 (which meets FIPS-140 standard).

More information about our cloud security practices can be found here.

Do a practice's notes have to finalized before they are converted from client server to the cloud?

No. Nothing special needs to be finalized or archived.

We have scanners that are not listed as approved document scanners for Cloud on your help site.  Will these work with the Cloud?

If they work with OP on a Client Server, then they will work on the cloud as long as they are TWAIN compliant.

We have printers that are not listed as approved for the Cloud.  Will they still work?

There should be no issues with the printers you are now using after you transition to the cloud.

What national Cloud local network VPN companies do you prefer? Any helpful advice you'd suggest in opening it up/coordinating it with OP cloud?

The practice does not need to establish any type of connection to the OP Cloud with a VPN or third party of any kind. OP is accessed via the Parallels 2X Client, which must be installed on all devices.

What recommendations do you have for a back up internet service in the event of internet service interruption? FIOS? 4G?

This should be a discussion the practice has with their IT Professional. If the practice wants to pay an additional ISP and have hardware that will do automatic fail-over, there won't be much of a disruption. If the practice goes with a 4G Hotspot, they will need to potentially redo the configuration on the PCs.

If we transition to the OP Cloud, how do we print things from OP? Do we still need to have a print server in our office to network printers?

This should be a discussion the practice has with their IT professional. You would need to determine if you will still need to maintain a print server or if the network printers could be installed locally. When printing from OP, users will have access to any printer that is recognized by the operating system.