Coding Dashboard


The Coding dashboard provides Evaluation & Measurement (E&M) distribution data by provider, payer, location and time frame (year, month or day). Code distributions are grouped according to:

  • New Sick Visits
  • Established Sick Visits
  • New Well Visits
  • Established Well Visits
  • Hospital Encounters

Click on the Coding Zone icon to enter the Coding dashboard.

Coding Dashboard Home Page

To begin drilling down through Coding data, select a year.

Coding by Year

After selecting a year, the Coding dashboard presents several options for specifying the type of data to access:

  • CPT Coding by Year
  • CPT Coding by Provider
  • CPT Coding by Plan
  • CPT Coding by Location

The following chart depicts the type of information that the Coding dashboard generates. The Coding dashboard generates charts with this data for CPT Coding by Year, Provider, Plan or Location.

Hovering the mouse over any area of the charts displays a popup window with detailed information for that area of the chart. When the mouse pointer changes to the Hand pointer, you can click on that area to open a drill-down tab with even greater detail of the area you selected.

CPT Categories by Day

The following screen captures illustrate the CPT data that can be charted for a specific day. This information is accessed by first selecting a month and then selecting a day.

Select a month from the CPT Categories by Month chart.

Select a day of month from the CPT Categories by Day chart.

The Practice Health Dashboards displays the CPT data for the selected day.