What is ConnexinViewer?

ConnexinViewer (also called TeamViewer) is OP's remote support utility.  When reaching out to OP Support, you will likely be asked if it is okay to connect via ConnexinViewer.  This will enable the OP Support staff to connect remotely into your PC and assist in resolving the issue you may be experiencing. 

Where is it?

ConnexinViewer should be available from all desktops following the installation of the OP Cloud.  If you cannot find it on your desktop, go to: C:\ProgramFiles\ConnexinSoftware and launch the connexinviewer.exe found inside.  It can also be downloaded from Teamviewer's website or by downloading here: ConnexinViewer for Windows or ConnexinViewer for Mac OSX.

How do I use it to connect with Support?

After contacting Support and launching ConnexinViewer, OP's Support Team will ask you for your ConnexinViewer ID and password. The ConnexinViewer ID may be a nine-digit or ten-digit ID. You will need to provide that information in order for the Support team to remote into your PC.

Note: If you are experiencing issues launching or downloading ConnexinViewer, contact your IT professional. Your local IT professional can download and reinstall ConnexinViewer on your workstation.