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Contact Finder

Version 14.19

About Contact Finder

Path: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Family Contacts > Add button

The Contact Finder displays all of the patient's contacts in a window that is easy to navigate and sort. From here you can view all of the patient's contacts. These contacts are displayed in the Patient Register in the Contacts tab.

If a new contact is entered but contains the same information of an existing contact when registering a new patient that is a sibling to another established patient, this creates a duplicate that needs to be merged in order to link the family member.

WarningDuplicate Contacts will adversely affect the Patient Portal and must be merged.

Contact Manager Map



Contact ListThe Contact List grid displays the list of contacts based upon the tab selected.  The tabs at the bottom of the Contact Finder contact list split the contacts alphabetically.


Search barThe Search bar locates the contact in the contact list.
New buttonDuplicate Contacts will adversely affect the Patient Portal and must be merged.


Merge buttonThe Merge button merges two contacts together. Hold down the Ctrl button to select multiple contacts. Two contacts must be selected in order for the Merge button to become active. Only two contacts can be merged at once.
Tabs A - ZThe tabs at the bottom of the Contact Finder window split the contacts alphabetically.
Select buttonThe Select button closes the Contact Finder window.
Version 14.10

There is no Contact Finder window map for OP 14.