Content Library Editor

Version 14.8

About Content Library Editor

Path: Utilities Menu > Manage Clinical Features > AAP/Local Content Library > Add or Edit Article button (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][F][A])

The Content Library Editor adds or edits articles in the AAP/Local Content Library.

Content Library Editor Map



TitleThe Title field enters the title of the article.  This is how you will search for the article.


DescriptionThe Description field is only visible in this window. This should summarize the information available at the link for other staff members to view.


SourceThe source for articles that you add will most likely link by OTH (Other) unless the link is from one of the other sources listed here.


URLThe URL adds the web link of the page.


AudienceThe Audience field selects the audience for the content.  Select Patient from this menu so that you can order the handout while in a visit.  The Provider selection is not recommended, because you will only be able to access these handouts via the AAP/Local Content Library.


LanguageThe Language field indicates the language of this handout. This is for your reference only.


Tag(s)The Tag field enters tags that are similar to this handout. When you are in Office Practicum, you can then right-click on any of the tag words and have a quick link to access this handout.


DX Code(s)Type in diagnosis codes that are similar to this handout. In any areas of Office Practicum where ICD Codes are visible, you can right-click on the code to have a quick link to access this handout.


RankingYour ranking number indicates how frequently you intend to use this article. You can have the same ranking number used for multiple handouts.


FavoriteSelect the Favorite checkbox to indicate that this is a favorite article. This will make the article appear highest on a list of articles when you access handouts by right-clicking on a tag or DX Code.


OK buttonClick the OK button to accept the changes in the Content Library Editor.


Cancel buttonClick the Cancel button to reject the changes in the Content Library Editor.