Copy a Sibling's Basic Information

Version 14.19
Path: Clinical, Practice Management, Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Basic Information


To make it easier to register siblings in OP, a Copy From feature is available in the Basic Information section of the Patient Chart. This feature copies the following fields from one patient to another:

  • Language
  • Address
  • Home phone
  • PCP
  • Family Contacts

After completing the steps below, it is recommended to review and confirm the information that has been copied. To copy Insurance information, use the Copy From button located in the Insurance section of the Patient Chart.

Copy Basic Information

  1. Confirm the new patient does not already have a Patient Chart created in OP, and click New Patient in the Patient Search window to begin creating a new chart.
  2. Enter the patient's:
  • Name (last, first, middle)
  • Birth date
  • Sex
  1. Click the Copy From button. The Patient Directory window opens with a last name search already performed.
  2. Select the sibling to copy from, or search for and select the patient to copy from.
  3. Click the Select button.

  1. Complete the remaining demographic information for the new patient.
  2. Click the Save button.
  3. Proceed with entering the Family Contacts and Insurance information for the patient.
Version 14.10
Path: Smart Toolbar > Register Button


This page will instruct you on how to copy a sibling's register record to another sibling. If a new record needs to be created for a sibling, follow these steps Register a New Patient.

Copy a Sibling's Register Record

  1. On the Patient tab, enter the patient's first name, date of birth, and sex. ´╗┐These fields are required before information can be copied.  

Patient Register: Patient Register window

  1. Click the Copy From button. This will open the Patient Directory. 
  2. Search for the sibling to copy from and click the Select button .

Patient Register: Select Record

  1. Click the Post Edit´╗┐ button .
  2. Click the Exit button .

The insurance record will not transfer over when using the copy function. Follow these instructions to copy a sibling's insurance record: Copying Insurance Information From a Family Member.