Copying Multiple Choice Answers to Subsequent Questions In A Survey

Version 14.8

If the same set of answer choices will appear in more than one question, you can save a list of answers and copy it to subsequent questions. To do so:

  1. In the Question Properties window, enter your first question in the field. 
  2. Click the Answer button. The Answer Properties window will open. 
  3. Create your custom list of multiple choice answers
  4. Select the Multiple Choice checkbox at the bottom of the Answer Properties form. 
  5. When finished, click OK
  6. In the Question Properties window, click the Repository button on the right side of the form. This will save the question-answer combination. 
  7. The next time you would like to use this question and answer combination, click the Add button to add a new question. 
  8. Instead of writing a question in the text field, click on the second tab in the window, labeled 2. Select a Question/Answer from the Repository
  9. A list of saved questions/answers will appear in the window. The most recently saved questions/answers will be displayed at the bottom of the list.
Note:  To view and/or edit the answers for any of the questions in the list, click to highlight the question, then click the Answer button. To edit the question text, click to highlight the question, then click the Edit button.
  1. Once you've located the question/answer you'd like to use, click to select it. 
  2. With the question highlighted, click the OK button. The question will appear in the survey window. 
  3. Click to highlight the question added, then click the Edit button in the Survey Administration Toolbar. 
  4. In the question text field, replace the text of the original question with the text of the second question.