Correcting Vaccines

Version 14.10

Update a Vaccine Documented in a Patient's Chart

  1. Open the patient's immunization record. 
  2. Click Enter Immunization button. 

  1. The immunization information will open. 
  2. Click the Edit/Delete tab. A list of all vaccines in the patient's immunization history will display. 
  3. Click to highlight the immunization record to change. 
  4. Click the check box for Check to Allow Edit.

  1. Click the  Edit button  and make changes. 
  • Click on the  next to the vaccinator or counseling provider to update this information if needed.
  • Updating the body site/route can be done by clicking on the   next to the site/ route. 
  1. Click on the  to save changes. 

To Delete a Vaccine

Prior to deleting a vaccine
Check your inventory to make a note of the number of used vaccines.
This way you can go back to double-check that the proper changes have been made to the Inventory.
  1. Open the patient's immunization record.
  2. Click on enter immunization in the upper right corner of the chart.
  3. The immunization information will open.
  4. Click on the edit/delete tab on the far right middle row of the tabs. A list of all vaccines in the patient's immunization history will be displayed.
  5. Scroll down the list to locate the vaccine to be edited or deleted.
  6. Once you have located the vaccine, click on its name once to highlight it.
  7. Click the check box next to Check to Allow Edit, located in the indented box in the upper right corner. This will unlock the vaccine list for editing.
  8. To delete the vaccine click on the .
  • A pop-up box will display the following message: "Delete this vaccine entry?" Click Yes.
  • Type in the reason for the deletion of this vaccine. 

Billing Note
Please be advised if the vaccine referenced above was automatically sent to the superbill, you will need to manually delete the corresponding vaccine and vaccine administration from the superbill. This can be done thru the superbill screen or the add/edit charges screen once the superbill is input.