Course 6: Surveys

Recommended Learner(s):  Portal Administrators,   Non-Clinical Staff,   Clinical Staff / Providers

 Estimated Course Duration: 25 minutes 

  Course Contents: 3 Lessons, 1 Knowledge Check

  Course Description: Learn the requirements and workflows for sending Surveys to the Patient Portal.


 Lesson 1: How and When Surveys Are Sent to the Patient Portal
Est. Duration: 9 mins - Instructs on the requirements for Surveys to be sent from OP to the Patient Portal.
 Lesson 2: Task Surveys Not Associated With a Visit Template
Est. Duration: 8 mins - Instructs on the workflows around tasking Surveys to the Patient Portal that are not tied to Patient Visits.
 Lesson 3: Rescore and Resend Surveys and Delete Survey Tasks
Est. Duration: 7 mins - Instructs on how to rescore Surveys completed on the portal, resend Surveys that failed to be delivered to the portal, and delete tasks for Surveys not completed on the Patient Portal.
Knowledge Check | Course 6: Surveys
8 question Knowledge Check to test what you've learned in Course 6!