COVID-19 Vaccines

Welcome to COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

Office Practicum would like to take the opportunity to acquaint your practice with "What we Know" about COVID-19 vaccines. 

  • There will be more than one vaccine available through various manufacturers.
  • The administration of the vaccines, which require 2 doses, cannot be interchangeable.
  • There will be different intervals between vaccine administration dependent on the product.
  • The vaccine products initially will not include:
    • 2D barcoding on labels.
    • An expiration date, in OP you will use a placeholder date of 12/31/2069. Once an expiration date is known you will edit the lot to the correct date.
    • A VIS Sheet. There will be a barcoded EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) fact sheet that you will be required to, distribute and document it was given, for each vaccine administered.
  • Each COVID-19 vaccine product will have its own CPT code.
  • There will be two vaccine administration codes, a code for the first dose of the vaccine and a code for the second dose of the vaccine.
  • There are different requirements on what the IIS (Immunization Information System) has to report to the CDC. It is important that your practice is aware of these requirements.
  • Children will not be the first target group to receive the vaccine. With that said, some states will use VFC providers to quickly administer the vaccine to adults in the community.
Watch OP Enhancements to Support COVID-19 Vaccine Administration, presented by Dr. Sue Kressly, where she discusses the topics listed above and expands on the areas in OP developed to support your vaccination efforts.

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