COVID-19 Vaccines

Welcome to the COVID-19 Vaccine Landing Page!

We know that Pediatric COVID vaccines are starting to arrive in your offices! 

With the evolving mandates around the COVID-19 vaccines, we want to provide the latest information we have about COVID-19 vaccines: 

  • Each COVID-19 vaccine product will have its own CPT code and Immunization Administration code, specific to the dose (first, second, etc.)
  • There will be different intervals between vaccine administration dependent on the product
  • The vaccine products initially will not include:
    • 2D barcoding on labels.
    • An expiration date, in OP, you will use a placeholder date of 12/31/2069. Once an expiration date is known, you will edit the lot to the correct date. For information on editing an expiration date for COVID-19 vaccines you have administered, refer to Change Expiration Date on Administered COVID-19 Vaccines.
    • A VIS Sheet. There will be a barcoded EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) fact sheet that you will be required to, distribute and document it was given, for each vaccine administered.
  • There are different requirements on what the IIS (Immunization Information System) has to report to the CDC. It is important that your Practice is aware of these requirements.

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