COVID-19 Vaccines and OP

What we know:

  • OP will not put the COVID-19 vaccines in VacLogic. The COVID-19 vaccines will display in the Miscellaneous section of the Immunizations Forecast tab.
  • The interval between dose 1 and dose 2 will not be calculated and there will not be a warning about intervals/spacing between vaccines. It is recommended your template(s) include a follow-up task to include the interval.
  • OP will not alert you if there was a different vaccine given previously or at the time of administration of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • When entering the COVID-19 vaccine in your Vaccine Inventory, enter a placeholder date of 12/31/2069. If an expiration date becomes available, edit the vaccine lot to the correct expiration date.
  • Each vaccine product will have its own unique vaccine administration code.
  • The vaccine administration code will differ between dose 1 and dose 2. 
  • OP cannot help with managing the vaccine administration codes using the current logic in place. 
  • The practice will be required to discuss and determine the best workflow, such as manually correcting these claims or creating OP AWARE Rules.
  • Some EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) fact sheets are available in OP. If not available, the practice can input into the Immunization Codes > Vaccine Information Sheets table. Once the EUA is added by OP, archive the manually added EUA.
  • Until the COVID vaccines are available in the Vaccine Codes table, the practice is responsible for input. Once the COVID vaccines are added by OP into the Vaccine Codes table, archive the manually added vaccine.
  • OP does not have COVID vaccine templates, at this time. The practice may create a template using the Copy feature in the template editor or use the template available for Shot Only Visits.
  • OP is working on COVID-19 vaccines flowing to your state's vaccine registry. If your practice has questions about the vaccine registry and OP, please contact your state registry.

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