COVID-19 Vaccines and OP

Important:  Practices that had previously added the COVID-19 vaccine as 5-12, the vaccine was documented incorrectly and should have been 5-11. Any templates you have created for COVID vaccines should be reviewed and modified to the correct vaccine. For the complete list of COVID-19 vaccines in OP please refer to the COVID-19 Vaccine Information article.

Here is how OP is handling COVID-19 vaccines:

  • COVID-19 vaccines have been added to VacLogic+, this includes the administration of a booster or high-risk dose.
  • The Immunizations Forecast window has been updated to include a COVID19 group panel.
  • The ability to change the expiration date on COVID-19 vaccine lots where the vaccine was administered to patients has been added.
  • Each vaccine product and dose will have its own unique vaccine administration code and OP will automatically add the administration code according to the COVID vaccine documented. Caveat: If you have Insurance Payers set up to not send immunization admin codes on claims, these will also not be sent.
  • Some EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) fact sheets are available in OP. If not available, the practice can input into the Immunization Codes > Vaccine Information Sheets table. Once the EUA is added by OP, the Practice will need to archive the manually added EUA.
  • If your Practice receives a COVID vaccine that is not yet available in the Vaccine Codes table, the Practice is responsible for input. Once the COVID vaccines are added by OP into the Vaccine Codes table, archive the manually added vaccine.
  • OP does not have COVID vaccine templates, at this time. The Practice may create a template using the Copy feature in the template editor or use the template available for Shot Only Visits.
  • If your Practice has questions about the vaccine registry and OP, please contact your state registry.

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