CPT Codes and Fee Schedules


Looking Up CPT Codes
You can search for individual CPT codes, search by category or search alphabetically.
Add, Edit, and Delete CPT Codes
Version 14.19 Path: Billing tab > Procedure (CPT) Codes Overview Office Practicum updates the CPT code table annually to include the most up-to-date codes. Before adding a code, take the time to search the table and ensure the code i...
Fee Schedules
The Fee Schedule is a complete listing of fees for service. The Fee Schedule is used to input the amount charged out for each CPT code.
Modify and Copy Fee Schedules
Save time entering a new Fee Schedule by copying an existing fee schedule.
Block and Substitute Rules
Version 14.19 Overview Path: Billing tab > More button (Customize group) > Coding Substitution Rules Block and Substitute Rules (or Coding Substitution Rules) can be created in OP to automate some of your common coding rules regarding ...
Customize the View of the Electronic Superbill
The frequently used designation comes populated on a set of codes frequently used in pediatrics. The default search displays only the list of frequently used codes.
2019 CPT Code Updates
The American Medical Association (AMA) has released the 2019 CPT code set, and it is now available in OP. The additions, changes, and deletions of codes are effective for reporting as of January 1, 2019. Click the links below for a printable PDF cop...