Create an Addenda

Version 14.10

Add an Addenda

After a note has been finalized, an addenda can be created and viewed under the Addenda tab. To create a new addendum:

  1. Open the finalized note.

  1. Click on the Addenda tab.
  2. Click the New Addendum button at the top of the addenda grid. 

  1. You can select the visibility level of the addendum by clicking on the down arrow next to the Visibility field.
  2. Click on the Order Worksheet button to add any missing orders (if necessary).
  3. Enter your note in the text field.
  4. Click the Save button when finished. Addenda to encounter notes are auto-finalized upon saving and cannot be canceled or corrected. Another note can be added if there is a need to correct a prior one.

Note: The Edit button on the Addenda tab is used only to edit the following fields: Visibility, Status, Requested by, Requested date. Once an addenda is saved the content of the note may not be edited. If there was an error in the documentation a new Addenda must be added.
  1. To view an addenda to a particular note at a later time, open the note and click on the Addenda tab. All addenda to that note will be displayed, along with the User ID of the staff member or provider who added the note, the date, time, privacy level, and any comments. 
  2. To rebuild and print a note or letter with an Addena, click on the Alternate Notes tab. Then, click the Rebuild Summary button to populate the note. Click the Save button to save this note that includes the addenda at the bottom. 

Entering a Patient-Requested Annotation

If a patient or parent wishes to add additional information to or challenge documentation in a visit note, you can enter this information in an addendum and distinguish it as a patient/parent annotation. To do so, type Patient or Parent in the Requested by field.