Create/Schedule Report

Version 20.5

About Create/Schedule Report

Path: Practice Management tab > Demographic Analysis/Recall button > Create/Schedule Report button

The Create/Schedule Report window is used to save commonly used Demographic Analysis/Recall reports. This function is available from all tabs in the Demographic Analysis/Recall window. Once saved, the reports are displayed for use in the Saved Reports drop-down menu in the respective tab of the DAR window. 

Create/Schedule Report Map



Report NameThe Name field is used to assign a name to the report being saved. This is the name that is displayed in the Saved Reports drop-down menu.


Report DescriptionThe Description field is used to summarize what the report includes and what it is to be used for.


Function buttons
  • Save: Saves the report Name and Description and adds the report to the Saved Report drop-down menu.
  • Cancel: Closes the Create/Schedule Report window without saving any information.