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Creating a Requisition for a Lab Result

 WARNING: This function is not available in the OP software if you utilize eLabs. If you use eLabs, click here.

Creating a Requisition for a Lab Result

If incoming lab results in the Lab panel of the Unmatched Received Results tab do not have a match with an existing requisition in the OP software you can create the requisition.

  1. Select the lab result in the Lab panel.
  2. Click the Create Requisition button in the OP Lab panel.

  1. Click the Yes button to create the OP Lab Requision.

  1. The requisition will be saved to the Results Received/Reviewed tab.
Version 14.8

Creating a Requisition for a Lab Result

Existing Requisitions Search Results
Open requisitions from a patient’s chart display in the bottom grid only when the requisition date in the patient chart falls within the specified search criteria, the Req status is not Complete, and a send-out facility is indicated on the requisition. Before creating a new requisition, check your search criteria and double-check the list of existing requisitions.

If incoming lab results displayed in the Lab Results grid do not have a match with an existing requisition, you can create a new requisition in the OP Diagnostic Tests Importer and add the lab result(s) to the requisition you created.

To create a requisition:

  1. Select the lab result(s) in the Lab Results grid.
  2. Click the Create Requisition For Selected button at the top of the Lab Results grid.

The OP Diagnostic Tests Importer creates a new requisition for the lab results and displays the requisition you created in the Pending Requisitions grid.