Create Batch Statements

Version 14.19

Bulk statement batches are created from the Statements tab of the Billing Center. When bulk statements are created, the settings in Global Preferences are applied.

  1. Select Billing Center from the Billing tab.
  2. Click on the Statements tab.There may be statements already in the Statement Queue. They will remain under this tab until you delete or send/print them, so you can let them accumulate for the whole day, or even until the end of the week, before printing everything all at once. Statements may exist here already if:
  •  While posting payments, you selected the patient action, Create Statement.
  • Or, while in a patient account, you selected to Queue a Statement.
  1. Ensure the Unsent only checkbox is selected.

NoteThe Unsent only checkbox needs to be selected in order to create batch billing statements. If you have this box unchecked, you will see the history of all the statements that were previously transmitted.

Batch Billing Statements

  1. Click on the Bulk Stmts button in the Statement Queue. The Batch Billing Statement window is displayed.

  1. Identify your statement parameters.
  1. Transaction dates: The system defaults to All, to include a specific range of transactions enter the begin and end date range.
  2. Exclude older than: Click the checkbox and enter a date to exclude claims older than the specified date. This is pre-populated based on the number of days selected in Global Preferences, but may be changed during statement batching. A change here will not change the Global Preference.
  3. Last name of guarantor: This is only available when more than ONE guarantor's last name group is selected in Global Preferences. 
  4. Medical home: The system defaults to All, allowing you to print statements for patient balances regardless of the Medical home listed in the chart. Deselecting All and selecting a location for the dropdown generates statements for the specified location ONLY.
  5. Custom messages: Enter a custom message to appear on your statements to add onto your dunning message or replace your dunning message. 

Tip: After all statement parameters have been addressed, you may want to click the Save Preferences button and confirm the saving of the preferences in the Batch Billing Statements window. The saving of your preferences will lock in your selections so that they are defaulted the next time you launch the Batch Billing Statements window.

  1. Click the Begin Batch button to to begin to generate statements for patients with balances based on criteria set. A confirmation window will display the statements that match the criteria you identified. Click Yes to continue.    

  1. The system will generate batch statements for all patients matching the criteria identified above. Once the process is complete, the dialog box closes and you are returned to the Statements window.

NoteIf the intention is to create "batches" of statements meeting different criteria and using different custom messages, you can repeat the steps listed above to set new parameters to identify another range/batch of patient statements.

Back in the Statement Queue, the user will see all statements generated to be printed or sent via electronic statement file.   

  • If mailing statements from your office, select the Stmts button and select Yes to print statements.
  • If sending an electronic statement file to the clearinghouse, click the Create Files button and select Yes to create a file for transmission to the mailing house.
    • A progress window will appear, and when complete, will prompt you to send the file.