Creating Care Plans

Version 14.8
Utilities > Manage Clinical Features > Care Plans

Care Plans can be created within Office Practicum to meet the needs of your practice. In this section, you will find the steps to create a new Care Plan.

Opening the Manage Care Plans Window

  1. Open up the Manage Care Plans window.
  2. Click on the Insert Record button in the lower left corner to add a new Care Plan.

  1. Under Care Plan/Registry type  in the name of your new Care Plan.

  1. Type in or use the dropdown for each of the fields for the Care Plan Definition, Triggers, and Actions.

  1. Add Triggers to create your patient group.
  2. Add Actions to add and/or suppress on your patient's Care Plan once all conditions are met for the Triggers assigned to the Care Plan.
  3. Click on the green checkmark in the lower left corner to save Care Plan changes.