Cross Mapping SNOMED Codes

Version 14.10
Utilities > Manage Codes > Diagnosis Codes


Cross Mapping Diagnosis allows users to map a single diagnosis to multiple methodologies (Example:Matching ICD10 to lateral SNOMED coding).

Cross Mapping Diagnosis Codes

  1. Open the Diagnosis Code Management Window.  Begin by searching for the code. Enter the search criteria (Code or Description). Be sure to select the correct Result Set based on criteria. 
  • To confirm this is the correct Diagnosis Code, consult your most up to date coding book. 
  1. When you have located the code and are ready to add the Cross Mapping, click on the Edit button.

Diagnosis Code Management

  1. Click on the tab Cross Mappings.
  2. Click the down arrow underneath the column titled Mapped Code Set.  Choose the appropriate code type and the Description/Synonym will auto populate.
  3. Click on the Identify button.
  4. This will return a list of the matching Mapped Code set options that fit the description. Click on the one you want.
  5. Click Save to retain your changes.

Diagnosis Code Editor