Curbside FAQs

How will the Visit Status update for multiple appointments using Curbside?

When a patient has multiple appointments, the same day, scheduled as Curbside, the first appointment Visit Status will be updated to Curbside. All other appointments Visit Status will update to Waiting Room.

Will a parent/patient receive instruction if they type Here after the scheduled appointment time?

If a parent/patient arrives late for the scheduled appointment, types the word Here, they will not receive further instruction. The practice must do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar and move the appointment to a later time.
  2. Click the resend button for all further instructions to be sent.
  3. Click the Save button.

Note: There is a 15 minute grace period, for when a parent can type the word Here. If the parent arrives and types the word Here after the 15 minute grace period, follow the above instructions. Always follow the workflow identified by the practice, which may include contacting the parent.

How can the practice collect the copay for Curbside if not using Instamed Merchant Services?

The co-pay functionality is for practices that use Instamed for Merchant. Services as this is the only merchant service interfaced with OP. If your practice does not leverage Instamed Merchant Services OP suggests you direct your parents, at the time of scheduling the appointment, to your payment link, if you offer one from your merchant service, on your website.

What happens when an invalid response is entered for a Curbside appointment?

It is important that the parent/patient understands, when arriving for a Curbside appointment, to text the word Here. If other responses are entered, in reply to the text message, the parent/patient will receive the Help notification and the below information.

What do I need to know about copays collected Curbside using Instamed Merchant Services?

Payment taken through Instamed Merchant Services using the Curbside link:

  • Payments will not appear until the following day. The copay will be part of your daily bulk file from Instamed and therefore will appear when you download that payment file. This is the same process you would follow with your payment link on your website.
  • Payments collected Curbside can be viewed in Instamed from Payment > Payment History > Activity Summary.
  • There is no additional notice when a copay is not made using the link in the Curbside text message.
  • You may not change the payment link in the Curbside text message. Payment is only accepted using Instamed Merchant Services.

When does the text message include the payment link for Instamed Merchant Services?

If your Merchant Services is Instamed with a Status of PRODUCTION and the patient's insurance is verified and the copay > $0.00 then the link should be included in the text.  The Instamed link will not be present in the text if the patient has an appointment type that contains the words "Nurse," "Flu," or "Well."

If you you are using Instamed Merchant Services and are not seeing the payment link, please contact OP Support.

If siblings are scheduled Curbside will only one message be sent?

The Curbside texts are not per family, they are per patient so texts will be sent for each sibling. 

Do I need a Patient Portal to use Curbside?

You do not need a Patient Portal to use Curbside. There is no correlation between the Patient Portal and the curbside feature.

Will an appointment reminder be sent when a Curbside appointment is cancelled?

If an appointment is scheduled using Curbside, an appointment reminder will not be sent if the parent cancels the appointment. The appointment must be cancelled at least 20 minutes prior to the appointment start time.